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Split-stance 1-arm Cable Press w/T-Spine Rotation

The Split-stance 1-arm Cable Press w/T-Spine Rotation has become a pretty popular exercise in our training programs as of late. When looking at a transfer to sport, we know that almost all sports have some degree of rotation involved, whether it be a baseball pitcher delivering a pitch, a golfer driving a ball off the tee, or a sprinter competing in a 100m sprint.

Taking a closer look at the exercise, you see as I press with one arm, the opposite arm is creating a reciprocal action off pulling back, allowing for rotation to occur through the thoracic spine. In addition to the rotational component of the movement, this variation of a pressing exercise allows for a free moving scapula. During the starting position, the scapula is experiencing a retracted position (scapular adduction), and while the pressing motion occurs, the scapula then goes through scapular protraction and some degree of upward rotation around the rib cage. With other pressing variations such as bench pressing or even dumbbell bench, which is set up with the shoulder blades locked “down and back”, you don’t experience the benefit of a free moving scapula as you would with a cable press variation.

Give this variation a try and feel free to leave some feedback in the comments!

🏋🏼 @bbullett13


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