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This is the perfect setting for you to join talented baseball players from around the Central Valley and work towards making significant improvements during the off-season. This program is designed for athletes who need to prioritize development over just getting innings or exposure. This program is meant as a suitable replacement for those who still need to throw/hit, but also need to gain 20 pounds, learn a new skill, sort out old aches/pains, and improve their mobility. During the course of this program, you'll find an energetic and motivating training atmosphere that combines extensive knowledge, state-of-the-art training principles, and unparalleled winning culture. 

McCarthy Tatum
Philadelphia Phillies

"The Elite Baseball group lifted at the same time the pro and college players lifted this previous summer, and their progress was tremendous. They worked extremely hard with John hitting prior to their lifts, and we got to see their progression in both the cage and in the weight room. The competitive atmosphere of the group was a pleasure to watch. I highly recommend to every player serious about developing their skills to strongly consider the Elite Baseball Program."

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Trenton Kemp
MLB Free Agent

"I got to watch the Elite Baseball group continuously grow and develop throughout the duration of their training with John and BPT as they trained at the same time as myself. The overall strength, speed, and athletic development were significant from when they started to when the program finished. It was also very obvious the entire group was gaining quality size. It was a great environment with competition and high energy every day. I would recommend this program to any baseball player aspiring to improve their athletic abilities and train for the next level."

  • Strength Evaluation

  • Marc Pro Availability

  • Massage Therapy Availability

  • Gym Aware Analytics

  • Nutritional Guidance

  • Physical Therapy Consults

  • Performance Testing

  • Individualized Programming

  • Field Level Profile

  • Full Baseline Evaluation

  • Recruiting Guidance

  • Individual Hitting Program

  • Win Reality VR Batting Experience

  • On Base U Screen

PROGRAM DATES: June 7 - August 12

GROUP A: 2023 - College

GROUP B: 2024 - 2026

Early bird special: Register by April 15, 2021


(559) 940-7545


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