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In BPT’s semi-private training model, every client who walks through the door will begin with a thorough evaluation. During this initial appointment, we will take a close look at injury history, training experience, the sport of choice, specific goals, and more. Once we’ve had the chance to familiarize ourselves with the client’s background as it relates to their health history paperwork, it is time to head into the gym.

Once in the gym, we will focus on identifying faulty movement patterns, addressing flexibility limitations, and gauging athleticism in general. By the time we conclude the initial evaluation, we will have all of the information necessary to design an entirely individualized strength and conditioning program.

When you return for your second day with us, you will be given your first month of training materials. This will include individualized warm-ups, specific movement training, corrective exercise (if necessary), speed/power, and medicine ball work, followed by a strength training & conditioning regimen. While the first week or so with us will be extremely coaching intensive, you will soon become familiar with the training materials and environment as you function within a 5:1 client-to-coach ratio.

For more information please contact us at: (559) 940-7545 or email us at


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