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BPT has been an incredibly welcoming and inclusive environment to train at. The staff here is knowledgeable, attentive, and friendly. They welcome anyone of any sport with open arms and have made it a point to help every athlete individually during their time at BPT. They work diligently to help each and every athlete accomplish their goals no matter how big or small. The facility is amazing and offers a lot to the athletes here in the valley. I have had a great time training at BPT for the last two months and look forward to every session and plan to continue here in my offseason this summer. I would recommend BPT to any athlete that wants to better themselves as well as accomplish specific goals in their sport. Since I have been training at BPT not only have I gotten stronger, but have gotten more explosive as well. I am seeing the results on the field in gains I have made with velocity and gaining ground in my motion.


Fresno State


My experience at BPT wasn’t long, but I had a great experience. I saw tremendous gains due to the technique corrections from the trainers. But most of all, I became more mobile because of the stretches and soft tissue work that I was taught. I really enjoyed the trainers there because they were such cool people whom I learned a lot from.

Matt Merritt

Stanford University 


Going into the preseason with a new organization is always a little nerve-racking but I have never felt more prepared after training at BPT this summer! I am jumping higher and I usually have shoulder pain 3 months into the season, but this is the first time in 7 years where that hasn’t happened. Not to mention it’s a great environment for athletes of all ages looking to get better with knowledgeable coaches!


VNVB, French League 1


Training with BPT has allowed me to move more efficiently while playing and training while also being physically stronger. I always feel better leaving the gym than I did when I got there. The thing I enjoy most is the employees being there to help and supervise and also the energy of being pushed by one another to get better is unmatched!

Austin Young

Buchanan High School


Joining the BPT family has most definitely brought the structure back into my daily routine as a Division One athlete. Because of COVID-19, my team and I have been restricted from not working out on campus; which comes with a loss of structure and growth. Ever since I joined BPT, I have not only found my strength again physically, I have also gained my confidence back. BPT consists of an environment that is both motivating and disciplined, so we are always driven to be better. It was the best decision to join the BPT family, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.


Fresno State


My favorite thing at BPT is the atmosphere. Everyone there supports and encourages every athlete to continue to grow and get better. I have really benefitted from BPT over the last half-year or so and plan to keep getting bigger, faster, and stronger as a baseball player and athlete.


San Joaquin Memorial High School 


BPT has a very welcoming workout environment. The trainers and staff are knowledgeable and extremely helpful when it comes to following your program. I got noticeably stronger over the course of 4 weeks and found I was able to perform at a higher level when running outside of the gym. If you’re looking to prepare for a season or coming back from an injury, I highly recommend training with them.


Media Reporter


My experience has been amazing. I love the interaction between the staff and athletes. Understanding why you are doing certain workouts is key and they are always there to explain and educate you on how to get better. The biggest benefit is strength plus mobility. Being able to gain strength while also being able to use it.


Milwaukee Brewers


As a former athlete, keeping up with my training can be challenging at times. Since joining BPT not only have I had continued structure with my training but also the most helpful staff and coaches there to guide and assist in any way. They have helped me push my training boundaries in ways I did not think were possible for me before by providing a full assessment and program specified to my body's needs. BPT provides a motivating, friendly, and positive environment that is fit for people of all training levels and ages. 




Since joining BPT at the start of 2020 I have noticed a huge difference in overall mobility and the way my body is able to move. Much of that is due to the assessment on my first training days and reassessing later what I was improving on and what I needed to continue working on. On top of that, the environment here is one of my favorite things at BPT as it creates a fun, competitive environment filled with talented athletes that are there to become better. I can’t recall a day where I dreaded my workout at BPT and that’s all due to the energy that the staff and other athletes have been able to produce where we all are able to develop ourselves and have fun while doing so. BPT and its staff are a huge factor for my development this year and I would not be where I am at as an athlete today if it was not for them.


Santa Barbara City College

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