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The Gates to Success

Our SmartSpeed timing gates are a valuable piece to the success of our training process. The timing gates allow us to test our athletes individually or within a group setting, and ensures that testing is accurate. SmartSpeed utilizes Single Beam Error Correction Processing (ECP). "Using ECP, there can be any number of hand breaks, or trailing foot breaks, but the microprocessor will simply take the largest event (torso) and take the start of this event as the time point." (2018, Single vs Dual Beam Athlete Timing Systems, Sports Business Journal).

Every athlete that comes to our gym goes through an initial evaluation. A piece of our evaluation allows us to connect with each athlete as they fill us in on the sport they play and the goals they desire. We then create a personalized program based on what we discover from our evaluation. Our customized training programs will provide the qualities that our athletes need to help them improve and reach their peak performance. Timing gates are strategically placed into our athletes programs to allow them to test their speed, acceleration, quickness and change of direction. The tests with our timing gates may differ depending on what sport each athlete plays. Our goal is to implement training modalities that will transfer to the sport they play.

A few drills that we apply to our training programs are the 10 yard sprint, 5 yd sprint with a 10 yard fly in, and the 5-10-5 pro agility shuttle. We apply these drills into our athletes programs during the earlier portion of their training session, once they have finished their prescribed warm up. The great part about our customized programs is we can have all of our athletes work with our timing gates with different "starting positions" depending on the sport they play and what would suit their performance goals.

Josiah Ayon is one of our many athletes that uses our timing gates in his training program. In this video below, Josiah is crushing his 10 yard sprint with the use of our timing gates. Testing on a weekly basis allows Josiah to see progress in his program, and use the data collected to continue pushing towards his goals.

"Being able to track progress week by week has helped me a lot. Seeing my sprint times improving validates that the work I'm doing every day in my program has been very beneficial."

- Josiah Ayon

It's important for us to collect data throughout our athletes training program. Tracking data with our timing gates allows us to see progress during our athletes program. Based on the data we collect we can always make adjustments to our training to ensure our athletes are getting the qualities they need to help them reach their peak performance. "Being able to validate the training process is what drives improvement not only within the athlete population, but within coaches as well." (2018, Single vs Dual Beam Athlete Timing Systems, Sports Business Journal). Not to mention, our athletes love to see their numbers with these prescribed drills. Helping them build confidence in themselves and bringing a competitive aspect to their training process.

The environment we like to provide for our athletes is focused on hard work, dedication, and making progress. With the use of our timing gates we are able to give our athletes concrete details on their performance, allowing us to be transparent with each athlete so they believe that the work they are putting in is beneficial to them.



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