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Whey vs. Plant Protein

Two common types of protein options available out there are plant and whey protein. Both types of protein powders ultimately offer a quick and easy protein option in a fast-paced world. The quality of each protein, regardless of whether it is plant-based or whey-based, will largely depend on the company you decide to go with and the quality of ingredients they use.

Whey protein is an animal-sourced protein that is derived from milk. Because of this, it can cause discomfort to those who are lactose intolerant. Whey protein is high in branched-chain amino acids which support muscle maintenance and growth.

Plant protein is derived from several plant sources including peas, soy, brown rice, pumpkin, and chia to name a few. If you are vegan or vegetarian then plant-based protein is for you. If you have soy allergies then make sure you are checking labels as many plant proteins can include multiple plant sources.

Both plant and whey protein are viable options for protein supplementation depending on the individual and their dietary preferences. Be sure and choose a protein that will agree with your gut to help avoid feelings of discomfort, gas, bloat, and fatigue.


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