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Battle Ropes

Training with battle ropes is a fun, intense, and low-impact way to exercise the upper and lower body for muscular endurance. The ropes allow a wide range of movement for both the upper and lower body so the number of exercise options is seemingly endless.

In the video above, @scuhlir is performing alternating waves with the battle rope while maintaining an athletic stance. This exercise torches the arms, shoulders, back, and core while also requiring the ankles, knees, and hips to provide stability and balance for the lower body. An additional cardio component can be included by adding in a lower body exercise such as a lunge, squat, or side shuffle, making it a total body blast.

Here at Bullett Performance Training, we incorporate battle ropes into the conditioning portion of our programming to help increase muscular endurance, target weight loss, and improve coordination for both the upper and lower body.


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