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Half-Kneeling Anti-Rotational Low to High Cable Lift

The Half-Kneeling Anti-Rotational Low to High Cable Lift is an excellent exercise we use here at Bullett Performance Training for a few different reasons. First, this exercise helps promote hip, core, and shoulder stability through a full-body integrated movement. Second, we use this exercise to identify compensation patterns in movement which can then be corrected through proper execution of the lift. Third, this exercise promotes the idea of proximal stability creating distal mobility, which is a concept we promote at Bullett Performance Training.

To properly execute the Half-Kneeling Anti-Rotational Low to High Cable Lift start a few feet off of the cable machine in a Half-Kneeling stance. The inside knee(the knee closer to the cable machine) will be on the ground, with the outside leg in front with the foot firmly planted. Make sure the back knee is stacked underneath the hip and the front foot is stacked underneath the front knee. Grab the rope with both palms facing down and shoulder-width apart. Tighten the core, and with a slight bend to the elbows lift the rope across the body and upward while maintaining a neutral posture. Make sure the upper body is not rotating with the arms as this is an anti-rotational exercise.


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