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Importance of Ankle Mobility for Athletes

There are many aspects of training that affect performance. Some of these aspects are stressed more than others, it is important to recognize the small details that can help you get ahead of the competition. Ankle mobility affects many different aspects in the world of elite athletics.

Ankle mobility is one of those details that are very important in many sports and training programs that are looking to improve their running skills or agility-based skills. The greater the range of motion in the ankle the more ability you have for greater force production, helping an athlete to accelerate and to change directions, as well as helping improve mechanics across a multitude of land sports, aquatic sports, and weightlifting.

Ankle flexibility can also help prevent unwanted injuries or strains that are often seen in sports requiring sudden changes in speed and direction, such as ACL injuries which are becoming more and more common. The flexibility of the ankle enables the tendons, ligaments, and muscles around the ankle to accommodate for these sudden movements or changes of direction and to help keep an athlete from unwanted injuries.

There are many ways to improve ankle flexibility, including ankle mobility drills, foam rolling and a variety of lower body stretches. Foam rolling the calf muscle and muscles in the lower leg will loosen up tight fascia and muscles that lead to ankle tightness. In addition to foam rolling, there are dozens of ankle exercises to increase ankle mobility.


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