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Reverse Lunge to High Knee March With the 3d Strap

When training, the mechanism often used is a dumbbell, kettlebell, or barbell. What those tools don’t give you is the rotational component of training, and that’s where the 3D Strap comes in. The 3D strap allows the athlete to feel a total body rotational resistance in multi-planar athletic and fitness movements.

In the video, @natlovellpt is performing a Reverse Lunge to High Knee March with the 3D Strap. When executing this drill, we are stabilizing and resisting the straps' rotational force by recruiting more hip and trunk stabilizers. It allows for us to train our athletes in a more “game-like” fashion. Additionally, the strap allows for the athletes to gain spatial awareness, which is increasingly important when teaching weight transfer or force absorption in performance training.


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