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Rotational Med Ball Scoop Toss

At Bullett Performance, we have a strategic medicine ball progression we follow from early off-season to pre-season for our rotational athletes.

Here is @logan_pontecorvo11 , a catcher from #cloviswest demonstrating a Rotational Med Ball Scoop Toss. This drill allows us to create patterns in our training program that utilizes similar movements as we would see on the field. While it isn’t the exact same movement as hitting, it is very similar and allows a great deal of transfer to the athlete's skill.

Logan does a great job of using hip and shoulder separation as we cue him to keep the ball back as long as possible. In addition to shoulder and hip separation, Logan is able to keep his head back as he throws the med ball and doesn’t drift forward over the front leg.

At the end of the day, a big reason for training is TRANSFER to their skill on the field!

Great Job Logan, keep up the hard work!

Content by @bbullett13


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