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Side plank with a 1-arm kettlebell screwdriver

Here at BPT, we use the side plank with a 1-arm kettlebell screwdriver to promote core, shoulder, and scapular stability, as well as shoulder and scapular mobility in an anti-lateral flexion position. We love this exercise because it helps teach rotator cuff control through internal and external rotation of the shoulder. This is an advanced exercise so make sure you have mastered the basic side plank before attempting to progress to this.

To begin this exercise we will start on one of our sides with our heels, hips, and shoulders lined up in a straight line. The downed arm should have the forearm and hand extended in front of the chest with the elbow underneath the shoulder. You will be holding a kettlebell in the other arm extended up towards the sky. Lift the hips off the ground to engage the core, shoulders, and back. The legs will act as secondary muscles during this exercise so they will be tense as well. Keep the hips off the ground and remain in a nice straight line. Begin to rotate the kettlebell(and shoulder) into internal and external rotation.

The movements should be slow, smooth, and controlled to once again promote rotator cuff control as that femoral head rotates in the socket. Fast rotations should be avoided as this does not promote the control we are looking for and can potentially cause harm. Perform this exercise for repetitions or a timed hold.


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