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Supine 90/90 Hip Shift w/2-arm reach

Here at Bullett Performance, we often utilize breathing exercises at the beginning of each program. It gives our clients time to get out of potentially poor postures that they unconsciously sit in during their day.

One drill we utilize is the 90/90 Hip Shift w/2-arm reach. It is an exercise taken from the @posturalrestoration clinic and designed to position the body to facilitate proper alignment of the body.

As the video shows, @natlovellpt is lying on the ground and has a roller that he is squeezing between his legs. His right foot is slightly ahead of his left foot and he is focusing on slightly tilting his pelvis posteriorly and shifting his right knee forward and his left knee back while also reaching toward the ceiling to drive some serratus anterior activation.

Performing exercises like these can work to realign the body to allow for optimal movement during a training session, practice, or game.


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