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Swiss Bar Bench

We have a variety of unique tools and equipment that we use at BPT to accommodate for various limitations, or train specific qualities. One unique tool we use for push and pull exercise variations is the Swiss Bar.

As demonstrated by Felipe, we will commonly use the Swiss Bar for Bench Press. The Swiss Bar provides increased benefits by decreasing the stress on the wrists and shoulders that occurs during bench press with a traditional barbell. The neutral grip used with the Swiss Bar enables increased retraction of the shoulder and depression of the scapula, two critical positions necessary for the effective Bench Press technique. The depression, or down and back, the position of the scapula stabilizes the shoulder joint during the Bench Press, resulting in increased performance during the movement.

Additionally, it increases overall tricep activation throughout the range of motion. Therefore, the Swiss Bar Bench Press is a great tool in developing proper Bench Press technique/ positions, while also enhancing tricep development, a key muscle group in improving and performing the Bench Press.


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