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The Basics Of Bodyweight Exercises

There are many tools we utilize to maximize our training experience, but frequently, it is increasingly beneficial to revert back to the basics of bodyweight exercises.

Bodyweight exercises are incredibly beneficial in building foundational strength and quality movement patterns. Additionally, bodyweight exercises can be made increasingly difficult by using different variations in conjunction with varying set and rep schemes.

@scuhlir is demonstrating two bodyweight exercise variations. The Low Plank with Alternating Arm Lifts is a progressive variation of a Low Plank. This anti-extension bodyweight exercise requires increased core strength and stability from the traditional Low Plank by simply adding the Alternating Arm Lifts. The other exercise is a Bodyweight Alternating Reverse Lunge. This posterior chain exercise challenges hip, glute, and core strength and stability. This exercise is also great for challenging mobility throughout the movement.

Even with the best strength and conditioning equipment available, it is critical for athletic performance, and overall health and wellness development, to reinforce the basics.

Content by @iammsull


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