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The Marc Pro Recovery Tool

Preseason practice has begun ramping up for many of our athletes as the competitive season has been scheduled to start this upcoming spring. For those that are heading into the season full head of steam, it is tremendously important to keep the progress that you have worked so hard for throughout the pandemic.

When looking at the trend of preseason sports, workloads will start to greatly increase, as does the importance of recovering from those high workloads with proper nutrition, hydration, sleep, and alternative recovery tools. One of the alternative recovery tools we utilize at Bullett Performance Training (BPT) is the Marc Pro.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Gary Reinl yesterday during our staff in-service on the benefits of using The Marc Pro recovery tool. Gary was able to educate our staff on how exactly the Marc Pro works and why R.I.C.E (Rest Ice Compression Elevation) may not be the best protocol for recovery after practice/game/training. The Marc Pro can create muscular contractions without fatigue, which in turn will create more blood flow and allow the lymphatic system to rush good fluids to the damaged tissue, and carry out the bad fluids, resulting in more efficient recovery.

The Marc Pro provides an increasingly convenient way for athletes to improve their recovery. It provides the unique benefit of a comfortable, effortless recovery. Athletes can initiate the recovery process by using the Marc Pro in the car/bus when returning from practice/ competition, they can use it while completing school work/ studying, and they can use it while simply winding down for the night. Other methods of creating muscular contractions to generate blood flow and quality fluid production to the damaged area can be time-consuming and, in some cases, cause increased fatigue in other damaged areas. Marc Pro eliminates lengthy recovery methods in addition to eliminating the potential for increased fatigue.

We use our Marc Pro with our athletes and clients at BPT to deliver all the previously mentioned benefits. It enables us to enhance our athlete’s and client’s overall training experience through improved recovery. We highly recommend the Marc Pro for all athletes and clients that want to improve their recovery, performance, and overall health and wellness.

To learn more about booking a Marc Pro session at Bullett Performance training, please click here.

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Hear from various athletes about the benefits of using Marc Pro:


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