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Tricep Development

Bench Press is one of the most commonly used exercises to improve overall push strength and power, along with building muscle through hypertrophy. However, a key to improving the Bench Press (whether it’s for strength, power, or hypertrophy) is developing the triceps.

The triceps are an integral aspect of the Bench Press. They provide the ability to lock out the press during the final portion of the movement. From the mid-range to the lock-out, the triceps are the most activated muscle group. In comparison, the pecs are most activated during the descent, and the anterior deltoids are most active during the initial ascent of the bar. Therefore, tricep strength is responsible for finishing the lift, despite pec and anterior deltoid strength.

These are our coaching staff’s favorite tricep development exercises, improving overall strength, power, and hypertrophy for the triceps.


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