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Elite Baseball Program Results and Findings

As the conclusion of summer is among us, our staff here at BPT, as well as Two-Five Baseball, has wrapped up our annual Elite Baseball program. With a record number of athletes this summer and upgraded testing strategies in the weight room, this summer ended as a huge success. Our final week of testing resulted in a total of 154 personal records, which included 25 athletes across four different speed and power tests, a weekly weigh-in, and exit velocity while hitting. Among the physical tests, every week athletes were tested mentally for their grit, fortitude, and determination to earn the records they set. Below are some more in-depth results from the weight room, cage, and field.

The 60yd Dash Test was initially tested during the first week of the program. Out of all 25 athletes the average time was 7.98 seconds with the fastest recorded at 7.09. After eight weeks of training correct technique, top speed sprints, starting positions, and more, the athletes recorded speeds dropping 2.9 seconds, overall.

Heidens are an exercise that measures lateral force and power production which is transferable to the baseball field. Athletes tested both their left and right sides for maximal distance in their Heiden. On the left side, between week one and week nine, there was an increase of 83 total inches (equivalent to 6’9”), with an average of 7.22-inch increase per athlete. On the right side, results showed an increase of 111 total inches (9’2”) with an average increase of 5.8 inches per athlete.

Just as Heidens were tested for maximal distance, a Rotational Medicine Ball Scoop Toss was also tested using a 4lb ball. This closely resembles the biomechanics of the baseball swing, while asking the nervous and muscular system to reach maximum effort. Results on the left side demonstrated a total increase of 1,065 inches (88’), and 1132 (94’) on the right side.

Mean Velocity of a bodyweight countermovement jump recorded an increase of 2.59 meters per second. Weekly weigh-ins were implemented to ensure the progress, of either gaining or losing weight, for each individual athlete. In total 23 athletes gained 115 pounds, with an average of 4.8 pounds per athlete. Several athletes who looked to lose weight combined a decrease of 6.8lbs total.

All of this data is impressive, but realistically, its translation to the field is where the greatest victories occur. Out of 25 athletes, 22 of them set an exit velocity, hitting PR. Of all those athletes, there was a combined total increased exit velocity of 103.1 MPH.

The goal of our strength and conditioning coaches this summer was to identify both the strengths and weaknesses of each athlete and build-upon both through the aspects of speed, agility, strength, power, and all of its application to the sport of baseball. We are proud to say that all of the work our athletes put in this summer resulted in tremendous success.


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